Please bear with us as we are in the process of converting this page into a home for charts and practice tracks for members and new recruits.

All performance videos have been moved to the AGAD Ongoing History page.

Practice Tracks

C’mon and play along…

The Squid / SCV (bass feature)

5 Basses


Carnivalito – FULL (no met)

Carnivalito – SNARE ONLY

Carnivalito – QUAD ONLY

Carnivalito – 5 BASS and CYM ONLY

Street Time

Street Time – FULL 2013

Street Time – SNARE ONLY

Street Time – QUAD ONLY

Street Time – 5 BASS ONLY

Electric Wheelchair

Full Line

5 Basses (audio)          5 Basses (chart)




Dirty Eddie

Dirty Eddie – FULL

Dirty Eddie – SNARE

Dirty Eddie – QUINT

Dirty Eddie – BASS

Dirty Eddie – CYM


Skippy – FULL

Skippy – SNARE

Skippy – QUINT

Skippy – BASS

Skippy – CYM

No Solo For Old Men


5 Bass

Wok Beet

(bass solo from Phantom Regiment)
Recording          Chart